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WI Advisers

The WI Advisers help members with running their WI meetings.

What We Do

We also start new WIs and have seen the start of some new WIs across the county, including Virtual WIs.

We are always happy to talk to anyone interested in either joining a WI or if there is not one near, then starting a new WI if possible.

Our other remit is to help WI members understand their particular role in their WI, be it a President, Treasurer or Secretary and maybe helping those who do not like standing up to speak.

Regular training sessions are held for President, Secretary and Treasurer, but Advisers are always willing to help between training sessions.

The Advisers

So what makes an adviser happy? These are some of the thoughts of the Hampshire WI Advisers…..

I enjoy being a WI Adviser because it is such fun talking to different Members, seeing different WIs, finding new ideas, being that person who is just a little on one side and may be able to see a problem from another angle and so help – going to day time meetings is also lovely as you see the Hampshire countryside in all seasons.

I became an adviser not to be special but to learn more about the WI as a whole and to be able to pass the knowledge on to the members that we are asked to look after in our role as adviser.

Looking after 16 institutes is brilliant as I get to meet so many Members and each institute is so different.

I have learned a lot about myself since becoming an adviser, things that I thought I would not be able to do I have achieved.

The WI to me is an extension of my family as I get to know many members at the Spring and Autumn Council meeting we can all meet and have a good catch up.

Being an Adviser opens up a complete new world.

It’s not all hard work so email and find out how to become an Adviser and join the “family”.

Want to become an adviser?

If you are interested in being an Adviser, please contact WI House for more details.