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Ellingham / Timsbury Bursary

To provide funding for a WI member to attend an educational course
(up to a 2-day residential course).  The educational purpose is to learn in detail, a new skill or develop further personal skills and knowledge (craft, cookery, public speaking, computer skills). The bursary cannot be used to pay for WI member’s travel to the course.  The money is funded from the interest on an investment from monies from the now closed Ellingham WI and Timsbury WI.   Any Hampshire member is eligible for this bursary provided they have not received this bursary previously within the last 3 years.
The winners are drawn at random (using MCS records), and this will be
drawn at the Spring Council Meeting.  Amount: currently up to £250. This will be reviewed annually.

Kay Dell / Eileen Greenway Memorial Bursary

This bursary is for HCFWI Groups or Event Managers to run an educational
event for Groups or a Federation event. There is no limit to what the educational activity may be, e.g., it could be, but is not limited to, computer skills, art, crafts, cookery, or corporate skills such as marketing, use of social media, or public speaking. The money can be used for the cost of venue, tutors, light catering during the event. The bursary cannot be used to pay for WI members travel or be used to fund a lunch or dinner for WI members.
Kay Dell was a Federation Vice Chair and member of Hyden WI.
Kay Dell and Eileen Greenway had a long-term involvement with Girl Guides. They both left a percentage of their estate to HCFWI. The HCFWI Board established this fund with the capital donated and agreed to make an annual bursary from the interest.  The event should be educational in the broadest terms and aim to include as many members as possible.
Amount: currently up to £250. To be reviewed annually.

Pam Toneri Bursary

This bursary is awarded to Groups and WIs for promotion purposes
only. “For promotional purposes” should be interpreted broadly and can include, but is not limited to, physical printing for promotion, payment to attend promotional events (e.g., local fairs and events), etc. It can be used to improve knowledge of marketing and promotion as long as some of the money is used to implement the new knowledge (e.g., lessons on marketing and poster promotion, followed by printing and distribution of posters). The bursary cannot be used to pay for WI members travel to any promotional event or activity.
This fund was established from a legacy left to HCFWI.
Amount: currently up to £250. To be reviewed annually.

The Federation runs several competitions each year, using the Groups as the best way for the first rounds for Darts and the Federation Quiz.