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HCFWI Speakers

Speakers Lists

Speakers Lists are available to purchase from WI House – please email if you wish to purchase a copy.

Hampshire WI members

Hard Copy £15 + p&p
Electronic copy £3 admin fee

Non HCFWI organisations

Hard Copy only £25 + p&p


Virtual WIs

Waiting on text from Lindsay

Teams (and how to join)

You can gain access on either a computer, laptop, tablet or phone.


  • If you are on tablet or phone, you will need to go to the place on that item where you download apps. You need to search for and download the ZOOM meeting app. Then once on your tablet/phone create yourself an account which is free and familiarise yourself with the app. you can easily start a meeting that only you are attending to be able to master all of the controls and settings.
  • If you are on a computer or laptop click on this link and it will take you to the correct web page to create and account and download the application.
  • A couple of days before the meeting date you will need to send out a link to the meeting on an email and password/meeting ID.

Useful Guides

Information for Participants

You have two options at this point. You can either click the link to the meeting in the email and it should (So long as you are logged in ) take you straight to the meeting. You may be asked for the password which will also be included on the email.

OR you can start the app and click on the button marked join Meeting. In this box you need to type the number shown on the email as the meeting ID. you will also be asked for the password

Please note: you cannot join the meeting until the start time shown on the email, it will say that the meeting has not started,

Once the meeting time has arrived you will get in but will be placed in a virtual waiting room so the meeting host can monitor who is joining and let you in – its very quick don’t worry…

PLEASE make sure when you join the meeting you do so with audio and video enabled otherwise we will be looking at a black square with your name on it.

Please mute so that any background noise does not interfere with the presentation.

Please don’t sit with the sun or a bright light behind you.

Best of luck, we realise not all of you will want to or be able to do this but in the present circumstances we hope this will help, should you want to give it a go.