FINAL Friday 27  September


Pavilion-on-the-Park, 1 Kingfisher Road, Eastleigh, SO50 9LH

Cost:  £15.00 per WI for a team of 5 members. 

Closing date:  Thursday 4 April 2024.  This event is open to members only.

The Federation Quiz is an annual event, which starts with the first rounds held in the Groups, between 6 May and 12 July 2024.  These rounds are self financing and the Group or participating WIs must cover the costs.

If your team is lucky enough to win the Group round, then you will progress to the final, which will be held on Friday 27 September 2024 at the Pavilion-on-the-Park, 1 Kingfisher Road, Eastleigh, SO50 9LH.  There will be monetary prizes of £100, £75 and £50 for the three winning teams in the final.

The questions for the Group rounds will be sent out by the end of April.  The Group rounds should take around two hours to complete and all answers written as a combined team effort and the results sent to WI House, Eastleigh.

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